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The Perks of Folded Laundry!

The Perks of Folded Laundry!

For some people, folding laundry can be calming and relaxing. It is a balm to their structured disposition. Others are not so thrilled with this chore.  To these people, folding laundry is a tireless and thankless job. They would rather live out of a laundry basket than deal with folding all the clothes. But alas, folding your laundry can bring so many perks that it makes the chore worth performing:

Folding your clothing allows for more storage space.

Whether you are putting laundry in a drawer, or packing things to travel, you will have a lot more room by decreasing the amount of space each piece of clothing uses. This will make it easy to store everything in one location, instead of needing to find other places to put clothes that wouldn’t fit where they belong.

Folding also reduces the amount of wrinkles or creases in your laundry.

When you are out and about, you want to look nice. When your clothes are wrinkled from sitting in the basket all week, you are telling the world that you don’t care about yourself, which in turn means they shouldn’t care about you either. You are worth more than that! put your best foot forward when you go out in the world by maintaining crisp clean clothing that makes you look and feel like a million bucks!

Folding laundry can make it last longer.

Folding your laundry neatly instead of leaving it in the basket or hanging on a chair reduces wear and tear. Expand the life of your clothes, and prevent pulling at the seams or fraying the fabric. You spend your hard earned money on your clothing, let’s make it last as long as possible, without looking weathered.

Organization and folding your clothes can make life easier and more peaceful.

Folded laundry is easier to get to, and to keep together in an organized fashion. The process of keeping your clothes organized makes life easier and more peaceful than running around trying to find where you put your favorite shirt or lucky socks.

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