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The Perks of Folded Laundry!

Los angeles Laundromat

The Perks of Folded Laundry! For some people, folding laundry can be calming and relaxing. It is a balm to their structured disposition. Others are not so thrilled with this chore.  To these people, folding laundry is a tireless and thankless job. They would rather live out of a laundry basket than deal with folding […]

Tips For Cleaning Delicates Like a Pro

cleaning your delicate clothing

Have you noticed the delicate label on your garment? You need to follow the instructions for washing your clothing, especially if they are made with delicate fabrics like silk, knits, nylon, lace, woolen, and other fragile materials. A regular cycle in your washing machine can ruin these fabrics. Fading colors, distortion, and shrinkage are just […]

Dry Cleaning or Laundry Washing – The Controversy

dry cleaning vs laundry washing

An encounter with a “Dry Clean Only” label can lead you into a tricky situation. You may find dry cleaning a hassle and opt for laundry washing the garment instead. You should know that while some Dry Clean Only items can be washed, the smartest and safest idea may be to take your clothing, or items, […]