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cleaning your delicate clothing

Tips For Cleaning Delicates Like a Pro

Have you noticed the delicate label on your garment? You need to follow the instructions for washing your clothing, especially if they are made with delicate fabrics like silk, knits, nylon, lace, woolen, and other fragile materials. A regular cycle in your washing machine can ruin these fabrics. Fading colors, distortion, and shrinkage are just some of the common issues you may face when washing delicate clothes.

So how are you supposed to maintain delicate clothes? Here are some tips:

Avoid washing delicate fabrics too frequently

For many, your first instinct after wearing a delicate garment is to wash it. However, if it is not soiled, it is better to hang it outside and let the sun dry out any moisture or sweat. Avoid hanging your piece of clothing in strong sunlight as it can damage the fabric. You can use a bristled brush to gently remove dirt and dust.

Be sure to store them in a cool and fresh atmosphere. Avoid shoving as much clothing together as you can to extend their lifespan. Use padded hangers for tailored jackets, tailored dresses, suit jackets, and shawls. If you are keeping any kind of knitwear, avoid hanging them. They should be folded flat.

Check if your sequined garments have a loose stitch or seam. Do not wash them without sewing loose stitches back. Any form of agitation can ruin a sequined fabric.

Read the care label

Clothes made of delicate fabrics require extra care. Make it a habit to read labels to find out how you should wash delicate clothes. For suede, fine silk, leather, fur, and feathers, taking them to the professionals is recommended to prevent damaging them. These fabrics should only be maintained with dry cleaning. Some clothes with bright prints also tend to bleed. These should be dry cleaned to prevent damage.

Avoid using detergent powder on delicate clothes

Using detergent powder has always been one of those habits that die hard. Unfortunately, it can severely damage your delicate items. Use liquid detergent instead. Buying liquid detergent in large quantities can save more than you’d think. If you still want to use detergent, make sure they do not contain chlorine.

Do not wring delicate clothes

Your delicate fabrics may have survived from washing, but it is still prone to damage due to wringing and drying. Since wringing uses too much force, it can cause damage to the fabric. Wringing is not advised if your garments have lacework or sequins. Turn garments inside out to prevent damaging them in the wash. Delicate clothes should not be placed in a dryer due to the delicate fibers not being able to bear the heat and spinning.

Knitwear and very fragile clothes should be laid flat to dry to maintain their shape. When air drying delicate clothing, make sure that you shake it to get rid of wrinkles. Stuffing your washing machine with too many items can also destroy your clothing.

If you want your delicate clothes to be in pristine condition, you can always turn for help from the experts. Not only will they take care of your delicate clothing, but save yourself from burning holes in your pocket as well.

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