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Laundry Service In Woodland Hills

Impressive State of the Art Self-Service Washing Machines Found at a Fluff and Fold Near Me in Woodland Hills, CA

Washing laundry has taken a turn for the better in Los Angeles County. That’s thanks to a local fluff and fold near me in Woodland Hills, CA that has recently updated their washing machines. Not only do these high tech machines make the laundry chore faster, produce brighter results and extend the longevity of washed fabrics, this laundry service never has a wait to use a machine. 

This type of laundry facility is ideal for apartment dwellers or perhaps a homeowner who currently has a malfunctioning washer or dryer. Oftentimes bedding like oversized plush blankets and large size fluffy comforters are too bulky for a residential washer or dryer. That’s the perfect time to do a “fluff and fold near me” online search and head over to the local laundromat.

Mandys Laundry is a Highly Recommended Full Service Laundry Service in Woodland Hills, CA

Mandys Laundry is a trusted team of professionals in Los Angeles County who not only offer self-service laundry machines at their location but also provide drop off fluff and fold services in addition to pickup and delivery services. In other words, you can wash your own laundry at Mandys Laundry or their expert team will launder your garments for you – all services with exceptional results.

How Does Updated, High Quality Laundry Equipment Help?

Just recently, Mandys Laundryupdated their washing machines with the LUX system. That means the laundry will be whiter, brighter and last longer. This new state of the art system enables the washed clothes to come out of the machine dryer so the actual drying time is even quicker – the entire laundry process lasting less than one hour in total. 

Fluff and Fold Drop Off Laundry Service

Mandys Laundry offers a convenient wash and fold drop off laundry service in Los Angeles County. If for any reason you are unable to wash your own laundry and you need to save some time, simply drive to Mandys Laundry and drop off your dirty laundry. You will be greeted by a Mandys Laundry attendant who will do the laundry on your behalf. If you elect to use the drop off fluff and fold laundry service, you simply drop off and pick up later. Laundry is washed, folded, and neatly packaged for you to take back home. You can select one-day or same-day wash and fold laundry service.

Self-service Laundromat

If you’d rather wash your own laundry, Mandys Laundry is also a convenient and self-service laundromat in Woodland Hills, CA. It’s a newly refurbished 4400 square foot facility that features lots of customer parking. It also provides seating while you launder, table for folding, vending machines for a snack and televisions to enjoy during the laundry process. 

Mandys Laundry has extended hours so laundry can be handled at a time that meets your busy schedule. Rest assured, Mandys Laundry is open every day and has plenty of coin and card operated machines that are different sizes to meet all laundering needs. There is typically no wait to get started on laundry since the room boasts over 50 washers and 50 dryers.

Pickup and Delivery Laundry Services

When laundry becomes an overwhelming burden or you are not well enough to handle your own laundry, a laundry service is a great option. Mandys Laundry is a highly recommended and affordable full service laundromat with pickup and delivery, drop off service and commercial accounts available. Mandys Laundry offers a quick turnaround, superb customer care and customized services. Laundry pickup and delivery is available Monday through Saturday and the turnaround time is 24 hours. 

How does dirty laundry pickup and delivery work? You put your dirty clothes in a bag. You select a pickup date. The van will pick up your clothes and bring them back to the Mandys Laundry facility to be washed, dried and folded as per your instructions. These laundry experts in Los Angeles County will sort lights and darks, use selected products, hang requested items, fold, pack and return the completed load of laundry the next day. Your only part of this chore for you will be to place the dirty laundry in the bag.

Mandys Laundry Provides Commercial Laundry Services to Local Business Owners

Mandys Laundry handles commercial laundry in Los Angeles County to allow business owners to focus on business. This includes laundry for restaurants, hotels, motels, beauty salons, gyms and sports team uniforms from local schools and clubs. Mandys Laundry will launder tablecloths, towels, napkins and mop heads. Mandys Laundry thoroughly washes hospitality industry sheets, towels, rugs, bedspreads, comforters and robes so each is presentable when the next guest arrives. This hard working team diligently works to remove stains from the laundered items and efficiently tackles greasy towels from automotive centers in Woodland Hills, CA. The Mandys Laundry van conveniently picks up the items at the commercial location and returns them the next day. 

Providing Commercial Laundry Services to the Local Medical Community in Los Angeles County

Mandys Laundry credits themselves for being the only laundry service in the local Woodland Hills, CA area that uses a proven disinfecting laundry detergent. This is especially important for use on medical laundry including scrubs, uniforms, towels and bed linens. With a convenient 24 hour turnaround, Mandys Laundry can clean the medical related laundry and have it back at the location on the following day. Mandys Laundry provides professional results with laundry services that meet the budgetary constraints.

Do You Need Help With Laundry Services Today in Woodland Hills, CA?

Sometimes laundry help is only temporary. Perhaps you are faced with an illness, injury or you are recovering from surgery and you are not feeling well enough to handle laundry. The compassionate and caring team at Mandys Laundry can help whether it’s for one day, one week, one month or ongoing for an unknown period of time. By scheduling pickup and delivery service, Mandys Laundry will take laundry off your to-do list. 

As mentioned, Mandys Laundry is the only laundry facility with the laundry LUX system installed in your local Los Angeles County area. Mandys Laundry provides next day service so your laundry will be returned to you the very next day. It’s also nice to know that Mandys Laundry does not charge for hangers and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Contact Mandys Laundry today for high quality laundry service Woodland Hills. To schedule a pickup or ask questions about fluff and fold near me, call 818-298-9041 or visit https://www.mandyslaundry.com.

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